Brighton Airport Today

Brighton Airport is a local, general aviation airport serving the community of Brighton, Michigan in Livingston County.  Situated on the outskirts of the Detroit metro area, Brighton is generally considered a bedroom community that attracts families for its traditional rural feel while maintaining a vibrant downtown, culture, and access to all modern conveniences.  City data for Brighton can be found here.

Today, our airport is run by a not-for-profit, volunteer member association, The Brighton Airport Association (BAA,) formed in 1999.  Our members run the airport, maintain and improve it, and plan for its future.

For more information about the history of Brighton Airport (also known as Hyne Field), please see below.

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✈ Fly here!

Brighton Airport lies approximately 29nm northwest of Detroit Metro airport and 3 miles north of downtown Brighton, Michigan with a field elevation of 973ft. Traffic pattern altitude is 2000ft MSL.

A challenging but fun 3100ft asphalt paved, 24ft wide runway in good condition awaits your arrival with ample parking and tie downs.  Our runway is oriented approximately north/south designated as Runway 04 and 22.  Runway 22 is the preferred runway and also features a 3.6* non-standard visual approach guidance system.  Pilots are reminded to respect the displaced thresholds due to terrain.

CTAF frequency is 122.9 which can also be used to activate our pilot controlled runway edge lights.

We utilize a single taxiway on the east side of the airport, with multiple intersections.  Additionally, the transition from pavement to grass is smooth and there is approximately 100ft between our LED lit runway edge lights.

Pilots are highly encouraged to review our rules and regulations prior to operating at Brighton Airport.  A quick reference guide is also located here.

More information is available on AirNav, through the FAA Chart Supplement, your EFB, and if needed our Airport Manager at manager@brightonairport.org.

🚗 Drive here!

If you plan to drive to visit us, we are located at 8664 Hyne Rd. Brighton, MI 48114 between old US-23 and Hacker Rd.

There is a parking area, picnic tables, gazebo, and aircraft viewing area open to the general public.  

If you have any questions before your visit, contact our Airport Manager at manager@brightonairport.org.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is comprised of shareholder volunteers who oversee day-to-day operations, budgeting, planning, and improvements to the airport and it's property.  Shareholder meetings occur on the second Tuesday in September and March.  Board meetings are generally every other month, unless otherwise needed.  Board members serve two year terms.

We have an airport manager and facilities manager, appointed by the board to carry out general maintenance and improvements.  There is a committee structure to address our clubhouse, grounds, buildings, pavement, activities, and long range planning.

For those interested, the BAA by-laws can be found here.

Karl Vogelheim



Keith Walker

Vice President


Sharon Astle



Clint Ray

Trustee & Airport Manager


Dave Hubbard



Tristan Trafford



Paul Bedard



Dave Yegge



Hangar Homes

What is a hangar home?  Well, it's like any other house, except when you want to go fly, you walk out your back door to your own hangar in your back yard!  

Brighton Airport has 43 adjacent properties with 21 of those lots taking advantage of the pilot dream come true...a hangar!  In order to access the airport, an airport share is required just like a regular hangar owner.  The only thing you need to do is eat some lunch, hope for a blue sky day, push the airplane out of the hangar, and turn the key.  Bliss!

For more information regarding the immediate neighborhoods surrounding the Brighton Airport, view The Ravines of Woodland Lake neighborhood Facebook page (west side of the airport) and the Woodland Hills neighborhood Facebook page (east side).

Occasionally, hangar homes come up for sale, oftentimes off market and exchanging very quickly.  Additionally, there is a 12 acre parcel of land on the west side of the airport yet to be developed and is for sale.  If you're interested in moving to Brighton Airport, email questions@brightonairport.org and we can put you in touch with anyone who may be interested in selling.

Become a Shareholder

Brighton Airport is a public use, privately owned airport.  If you can fly here and follow our basic rules, we're happy to have you!  If you wish to base a plane at Brighton, own a hangar, or utilize "through the fence" privileges as a hangar home owner, a membership share is required.  Hangars and homes are privately held and sold between individuals while the airport share allows use and access of the airport facilities.  The BAA is authorized to issue 150 shares which entitles a member to part-ownership of our wonderful community.  

There is a low cost yearly maintenance and access fee which covers grass mowing, snow plowing, maintenance, capital improvements, and projects as directed by the Board.  Members are encouraged volunteer some of their time throughout the year to help around the airport.

There are a few shares still outstanding that the Board is authorized to issue.  You may also find shares on the "open market" available in the classifieds or by asking around.  For more information, email questions@brightonairport.org.