How BAA Operates

BAA is a not-for-profit, member-owned, -managed and -operated Michigan corporation authorized to issue 150 shares of stock.   If all financial requirements are met, each share entitles the owner to operate an aircraft from a personally owned hangar on land leased from BAA or a personally owned lot next to the airport . A shareholder owning an on-airport hangar may rent it to a non-member but only for aviation-related usage. Currently, a total of 145 shares are owned by 101 individuals.

To keep costs low, BAA members, renters, EAA Chapter 384 members and other aviation enthusiasts do most of the routine maintenance (e.g. lawn cutting, snow plowing) and facility development work (e.g. installing runway lights, renovating the clubhouse/office). Much of it is done on an "as needed" basis but each share holder is expected to participate in three or four "work parties" annually or make an equivalent contribution in cash or services. Work parties typically end in time for lunch in the clubhouse/office where flying activities and airport developments are discussed over hamburgs and hot dogs. If you think Brighton Airport would be a good base for your aviation activities, please contact us via e-mail or telephone (see Home page).