Flying Somewhere?

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Listed here are some restaurants and points of interests that our membership would like to pass along as suggestions for outings.  There's room for more at the bottom of the page!

Airport Identifier: Description: 

1. RMY (Brooks Field) Marshall, Michigan Win Schulers restaurant. Give the unicom freq. a call en route and Win Schulers will send out a van to pick you and your party up. Besides the Bar Cheese, they are well known for their 24 ounce prime rib. (If you finish it seconds are free) 

2. CVX (Charlevoix, Michigan) Juillerets restaurant (across from main terminal bldg. This restaurant is simple but has reasonable prices and home cooked meals. Save room for their Cinnamon Rolls. They are wonderful! About a 1 mile walk into town gives other restaurants and shops to see. 

3. MOP (Mt. Pleasant, Michigan) The Embers restaurant (in town) but they will send a courtesy car to pick you up. This is fine dining. Come hungry because there will be more than you can handle in one normal meal. The Embers is gone but the Soaring Eagle Casino will send a van and the food is great there, too!

4. BKL (Burke Lakefront) Cleveland, Ohio. Immediately next door to the airport is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. There is a $5 landing fee payable at the terminal bldg. There is also a WWII submarine that you can go aboard on the way to the museum. A short walk from the airport is Terminal Tower (old train station) inside are all sorts of specialty shops and a Hard Rock Cafe. 

5. ADG (Adrian,Michigan) Courtesy car is available at the airport. They even let me use the county car with the yellow flasher on top for my visit. Take US 223 eastbound to the village of Blissfield. On the north side of the road near the center of town is the Hathaway House restaurant. They have marvelous food selections and fairly reasonable for white linen tablecloth dining. My wife is especially fond of their stuffed pork chop. (similar dining experience to Rockies at Burroughs Farms) Also in this community, they have a 1940's vintage train that goes thru the countryside for an hour or so. The restaurant makes the food for the dinner trains. If you ever wanted to see the elegance of the 1940's when trains were king, this is for you!!! I took the entire pharmacy crew on a murder mystery train... I was the one who was murdered. I laughed so hard that the muscles in my face were sore for the rest of the day. 

6. KZO (Kalamazoo, Michigan) Bravo Ristorante right across the street from the entrance to the Airport (very close the the Kalamazoo Air Zoo) If you like Italian food, you will love this place. I brought back some veal picata for Don Black when his wife was out of town and he drooled over it. He said to me "Someone there knows how to really do Italian food" It was still hot when I landed back in Brighton = ) (tail winds that night) 

7. BAX (Bad Axe, Michigan) Walk across the road from the airport onto Silver street. About a 1 mile walk into downtown Bad Axe. Across from the movie theater is a chinese restaurant. I cannot remember the name of it but it is there and the food is great and very reasonable. Afterwards take in a movie across the street. Movies for adults are $3.75 in an old oak floored theater that brings back memories of my childhood. A large drink is only $1.50 and if you want a refill it is only 25 cents for a fill-up!! The popcorn is about the same price for a very large bucket and what I like is the salt shaker is on the counter so you salt to your taste. Movie times at 7 and again at 9 p.m. but check the schedule at 

8. OH30 (Put-in-Bay, Ohio) The runway down here has been repaved and straightened out. There is still no fuel available on the island but 5 miles away at Port Clinton there is always fuel. There is a landing fee of $10 but this is a mini Mackinac. Cottages to stay overnight, hotels from the early 1800's. The speed limit is 25 mph and bike rentals and motorized golf cart rentals are everywhere. I have taken the kids to Perry's National Monument to fly kites for years. Explore caves and wineries,(grape juice too for the transient pilot) President Grover Cleveland's summer house. It makes for a very pleasant day especially in the autumn when the hardwoods on this island are in their vivid glory and few boaters go to the island. Also next door at neighboring Kelly's island (89D). Motorized golf carts are available and some interesting things to see such as entire fields of solid rock carved by passing glaciers. Some real nice area to see wildlife especially birds not so common to Brighton. 

9. SPL (Saint Paul, Minnesota) I know this one is a trek but it is well worth the run. I love going to an event on U of M's campus.... no the other U of Mmmminnesota. Over Labor Day, they have their state fair and to me, is one of the premier state fairs in the country. About 1 mile in length down the main causeway but about 3 parallel blocks on either side!!!! They even had a hut across from the bottomless glass of milk hut (25 cents A.Y.C.D.) that only made SMORES ... yes the Girl Scout graham cracker, chocolate, marshmallow treat. I was also impressed with the Dairy display... All the princesses (teens) from the 14 dairy districts of Minnesota had their portraits (really busts ...from the shoulders up... but I thought it would bring other things to mind) carved in butter in a cold revolving lazy Susan array while the people watched. It is very worthwhile for the kids and kids at heart. If you get tired,across from MSP is the Mall of America 1 mile of shopping (1/4 mile per side of the square) and 4 levels!!!!! Four miles of shops with an amusement park in the middle. 

10. 61D Dave Sullivan suggests: Plainwell Airport (61D) Fly In Restaurant. That's right, the name of the restaurant is "Fly-In Restaurant". Phone: (269) 685-1554 Open days/ hours: 7 Days/ 6:30 AM until 2:30 PM The food is good, home cooked, and the prices are less than at most places. Plainwell Airport is 96 statute miles on a heading of 270 deg. magnetic from Brighton Airport, and about 16 miles north to northwest of Kalamazoo Airport. It is located right on the east side of US 131 divided highway. The 09-27 paved runway is 2650 x 50 ft. with trees on the approach to runway 27.