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Brighton Fuel Club
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Hangars, planes... by our members

Did you know Craigslist had an "Aviation" page?
Did you know Craigslist had an "Aviation" page?

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Operated by Brighton Airport Association (BAA)

  • Not-for-profit, member-managed Michigan corporation 
  • Authorized to issue 150 shares 
  • Public use, government-approved airfield intended primarily for privately owned, light recreational aircraft 
  • 120 planes in hangars on the airport & neighboring properties 
  • Maintained by owners & users - no government funding

  • President: Karl Vogelheim (812.987.3600‬‬)
  • Airport Mgr: Bill Bertrand (810.632.7244)
  • Clubhouse Manager: Ray Krom (810.360.0720)